Sewing Baskets as Featured in Thread Magazine

The January 2011 Number 152 issue of Threads Magazine arrived in the mail the other day and as I was flipping though it, I had to stop on page 14. Page 14 features a large picture of some very familiar Collectible Sewing Boxes or Baskets. The write-up says, “inspired by Old World European cultures and antique craftsmanship …designed by collage artist, Kimberly Poloson,” these sewing baskets are made by Dritz. They are available in several sizes and shapes, some with removable interior organizer trays and have gold or black antique-looking wire handles as well as a mock measuring tape trim. Fabric printed with words like Paris and dressforms adorned in old fashioned corsets and underwear add to the charm of these unique sewing baskets. The reason they looked so familiar to me is because I list them for sale on my sewing supplies store!

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